7 Tips For Managing Your Social Networking Company

Small business owners who have decided to create and administer their own sites (social media) social networks may feel intimidated and confused. Moreover if your experience on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and other sites is minimal. But there is good news: start using social media for your business is not very complicated, and the learning process can be as fun, with a new world of opportunities. Here we give you seven tips to help you navigate the waters of social media:

1. Choose one social network to start

It is common for small business owners start their way into social networks looking forward, and try to be on all platforms. However it is not necessary to be all but those that we approach our target audience. Nor is it necessary to start all, it is advisable to choose one that is -the most important of which can spend time learning and administration. Choose a site to start with and focus your attention there first before moving on to others.

2. Plan the time for social media

You can spend hours each day trying to position our website in social networks. This can interfere with the times engaged in other business activities (being in a social network is very compelling). It is best to direct us and a little discipline and set a time limit for reviewing the social networks of our company.

3. Clarify the goals and objectives of being in social networks

Before starting your way into social networking, you must clarify the objectives that justify your presence on social networks. Ask yourself: What do I want to accomplish with social media web? Maybe generate leads, find colleagues for partnerships, generate more sales, set an image as an expert in your industry ?.

Clarifies your goals and objectives, and then performs controls of progress, in order to make sure you’re on the right track.

4. Select a role and approach

There are hundreds of different ways to use social networks for business and one way is not necessarily better than another. The key is to know which approach you use. Are you going to be a communicator, to provide a service industry related news, presenting a mix of business data and personal information ?. As time passes, you can be flexible with this role in order to achieve better results.

5. Complete a social media profile

Each of your social media accounts include some type of profile. Profile fields may include a biography, websites, blogs, location. Be sure to completely fill your profile in social networking sites. It is advisable to maintain consistency between all your social media profiles. This will help in the recognition, will give a broader and ongoing communication with the same contacts in different places.

6. Stalking and watch

Sometimes the best way to get started on a new social networking site is to create the account and then watch the pros and cons, especially those users more time on the platform. If you yourself have decided to manage your social network accounts, the only way to learn is by watching others and collecting information from internet.

7. Use dashboards for social media

One of the biggest challenges with social media is time management (what you say again, are very immersive). Dashboards of social media such as HootSuite, TweetDeck or Social Oomph, can help you manage your time more effectively networked.

These tools allow you to set alerts and notifications, create groups, schedule updates so you can automate some of the processes (the latter is very important). While no excess automatices tasks (interaction with users is important), these boards will be very helpful for leading a highly productive management of social networks.

If you’re new to the world of social media, do not despair. It may seem complicated, but the truth is that its use is more intuitive than you imagine. Just start slowly and stay true to your business objectives. After all, being in social networks is only part of your marketing plan.

6 Reasons To Make Your Small Business A Page Of Facebook

It is increasingly clear that social networks are here to transform everything from the way we spend our free time to the way of doing business. That they have realized owners of large and small businesses, who use social networking sites effectively to promote their business in a powerful way.

One of the best ways to use social networking for business is a fan page on Facebook. Here are six reasons to create one in this popular social network for your small business today:
1. Your Facebook page can teach you more about your target audience:

Having a Facebook page for your business gives you a way to get direct feedback from your target audience. Think as if it were a focus group. Your fans are there because they are aware of your company, and want to learn more. Your Facebook fans can say a lot about what they want through their interactions, comments and feedback. The Facebook Insights tool will be very useful.
2. A Facebook page provides an opportunity to “humanize” the company:

Social connections and genuine communication are an integral part of social networks, and a Facebook page gives a unique opportunity to face, name and personality to your brand, whether through one on one conversations or interactions with the group users.

Even if you get to automate part of your activity on social networks, you must give fitting a moderate amount of “life” to create human relationships with your audience.
3. You can build a community on your Facebook page:

Facebook Pages are great places to gather your clients and sales prospects; also to provide comments, share opinions, express your concerns and provide feedback. You can build a community on your Facebook page in several ways:

Post useful, relevant and interesting links

Asking fans to contribute with comments

Organize contests and promotions

Providing a place to post comments

Provide incentives for the activity of the page

If the Facebook page brings success to people, you can develop a loyal following that will continue to grow.
4. Facebook is good for search engine optimization (SEO):

Having a Facebook page for your small business can be an effective way to drive traffic to your business website and blog. Your messages, links and other activities that are contained in the public page of Facebook, SEO can also give you a boost if they are indexed by the search engines.
5. Your competition may already have a Facebook page:

It is advisable to bring an action simply because your competition is doing. However, when it comes to social networks, not having a Facebook page or other social networking presence can cost opportunities, especially if the competition is already doing
6. You can be in front of your customers every day:

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of having a Facebook page is the ability to get in touch constantly with customers, either by status updates, share links and videos.

Facebook and other social networks make it easier for customers to find a brand and product, especially when they want to know more information. And when they do, they are often more likely to remember your brand and share it with their own connections.

Ultimately, a Facebook page brand for your business can be a powerful way to expand your reach and increase awareness of your online business.

How To Hire A Sales Representative

Hiring a competent sales representative will be important for certain time of the business, as boost revenue for your company. To ensure that this sales rep is right, first you must be prepared to hire one. The following tips will help you out this activity efficiently:

1. Decide how you will compensate the sales representative will sell your product. You can set goals based on productivity, or weekly or monthly installments.

Compensation varies depending on the company, industry and type of contracted sales representative (such as field salesman, telemarketer or seller of business to business).

– External or field sales: usually they are single commission, or a small salary plus commission basis. The commission is often negotiable, depending on the performance.

– Telemarketers: most telemarketing sales jobs pay an hourly wage. At the same time, the salaries and bonuses complemented by a base sales volume.

– Sales representatives from company to company: often these vendors work based on a salary plus commission, depending on the industry. Performance fees are required to keep the job.

2. Determine how you will manage the work of the sales representative. You must decide if the sales rep autogestionará task, or will consider hiring a sales manager to help manage the task of your salesman.

You have to be clear in the chain of command and hierarchy of sales management, as the head will be responsible for training, productivity and goal setting.

3. It has the tools for success ready before hiring a sales representative. Thus, the sales representative will be able to start sales.

The tools for success involve materials that will help the sales rep to sell your product. This includes marketing materials such as product sheets, product samples, professional receipts, procedures for purchase requisitions, access to technical product information, and everything you need to help the sales representative to complete the sale.

4. advertise in several places to get a sales representative. Let the community know that you are going to hire a sales representative. Word of mouth is a great way to find sales representatives, as many people have friends and acquaintances who are looking for a job. You can also place ads on job search portals or hand out flyers on college campuses.

Testing the free options. Then, only if necessary, try to pay for ads in the classifieds of the local newspaper.

5. Make time in your schedule for interviews. Be flexible with the time needed to conduct the interviews. If you are not comfortable with taking the final decision, it establishes a second interview with the best candidates for the position of sales representative, this time who will oversee the sales representative.

6. Put the employment contract in writing. You must include the scheduled start, the offer of compensation, the expectations have sales representative and any other term referring to employment. Keep a copy for the file record of human resources director, and another copy to the sales representative.
Tips & Warnings

It sets a time limit for the interview to each sales representative. Be realistic about expectations, and do not hire the first person interviewing you.

Remember that sales are cyclical, so you’ll have to be patient when it comes to expectations of consistency. Make sure the expectations of share sales or performance standards are reasonable.

4 Consequences Of Poor Marketing Plan

All companies implement a marketing plan to increase sales and build brand awareness. Its implementation should be considered beneficial for a business, but there are some potentially negative aspects, especially errors in processing and diagnosis. This leads to elaborate a little bad publicity or choose appropriate channels. Let’s see what other consequences may bring a bad marketing plan:
Poor advertising

A part of the implementation of a marketing plan is to advertise their products or services to your target market. However, some campaigns are implemented with an advertising message wrong (few clear message, sexist or discriminatory ideas) or transmitted on the wrong channel.

There are different consequences, such people can be indifferent to advertising and move on without buying anything, but there will be groups that could claim to hurt their susceptibility message. In times of social networks and viral effects, this constant danger. Therefore, before paying money for an advertising campaign, you ensure convey the right message clearly and concisely.

Another negative aspect of the implementation of a marketing plan is the cost involved wrong. Implement a marketing plan can be very expensive (but it is an investment to be done). These costs increase as a specialized external company is hired. If you advertise on radio or television, you also have to pay for the production costs of the commercial. Again, if the wrong message and unsuitable channels (such as media or programs that are not tuned by our target), rather than an investment, it will become a financial burden is chosen.
False expectations

Many companies have a tendency to use in their advertising hype. It is always advisable to carry out what is promised. When a customer enters a business and not get exactly what you heard in the ad, this not only undermine its credibility in the market, but will also generate bad word of mouth.
Negative perceptions

Another negative effect of a marketing plan is that you can change the perception of customers. Depending on the quality of the plan, customers will create a perception of the business. For example, if you are a retailer of high-end product, but you run an ad that focuses on low prices, people will think you’re another type of business. This will not only attract the wrong audience, but also alienate your target market.

As we saw, the marketing plan involves a series of negative effects. This does not mean you stop doing it. Marketing is an essential activity for any business, and plan well done, will show you the right way.

5 Ways To Maximize Word Of Mouth Marketing For Your Business

word of mouth marketing boca El mouth to mouth marketing is one of the most basic forms of promotion, but also one of the most profitable (so much so that it is used by small and large businesses). Positive recommendations provide a great opportunity for any business growth. And while the base of this marketing Word of mouth is a happy customer, you can also use other techniques to expand

positive references to your business, because you can not wait for a happy customer and start acting spontaneously recommend, we must resort to action. Read carefully the following tips:
1. Exceeds expectations, make a happy customer

To qualify for an effective word of mouth, you need something basic: a client exceptionally happy. And now comes the good how to make a customer happy ?. The answer is that today is not enough to do an excellent job or provide a premium product; to do something else, like providing a unique experience. You can try the following ideas:

– Provides answers, complete and consistent customer every doubt.

– Send your customers relevant information to help them meet a need or solve a problem. You must not only send newsletters to promote your services

– Know your best customers to be able to offer a personalized service, offers or congratulations on special dates.

– Request feedback and suggestions, then evaluate them, can you implement something suggested.
2. Question and request references

Sometimes all it takes to get a positive reference is to apply. Tell each client you hope to achieve with these references, what are your long-term goals and how they fit your plan. If settle to recommend, Give them some material that may spread to your contacts, such as cards, calendars, pens.

Something very important, be sure to thank individually to each client who has recommended you. This should not only be in words, offers some special discounts or coupons.

For example I will apply this step himself. If you like this article, please share your contacts on social networks, or you can also follow us on our sites networks Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Did you see? Ask for things is not difficult.
3. Identify influential customers

This step is calculated, as it comes to choosing your references. Check between your customer base, and choose those that have some influence on their professional and social networks. There are always people who harvest the attention of others, who are respected and listened to, in other words, it has a leadership position. These are the people you need to support your references.

As in the previous step, you should ask these people to recommend your business positively. Of course also you need to give them incentives, or even better, work a list of preferred customers.

word of mouth marketing, social network
4. Make a positive exchange recommendations with your customers

Do your customers have their own businesses? Do you know people who could benefit from the services of your clients? If the answer is yes great !. Both you and your customers could help each other, giving recommendations on respective circles. So you can start a trend of mutual references. Remember that in business you can not advance in isolation.
5. Focus on relationships

It may sound simple, but developing meaningful relationships with your customers and colleagues will be the easiest and solid recommendations for quality way. How does this work? Be genuine, friendly, honest, and put emphasis on relationships, please help. You will be surprised how this can lead to new recommendations.

How To Promote A Business Using Social Networks

social media
The web is a great marketing tool inexpensive, and between multiple platforms are offered by social networks and social media sites. Properly use your accounts in social networks can improve the visibility of your business and attract potential customers, but provided you have the right strategy. To start, you must follow these steps:
1. Join appropriate social networks

Choose the right social media sites that allow you to approach your target. For example, if you’re an editor of entertainment you can connect with other writers through Facebook. While for a chiropractor who want to expand their customer base will be best suited to promote your business on Twitter and LinkedIn. Before you join an online community, think about your target market and the social website where he meets.
2. Create a biography for your site profile

This biography is a short message where you highlights your services and products. Take this opportunity to position your company as a leading emerging market. Most social networking sites encourage users to create a biography. Write a two-paragraph biography that effectively summarize the mission and the product or service offerings of your company.
3. Become an active member

It includes a friendly welcome message in your social networking accounts to encourage other members to interact with your page. Introduce yourself to other members of the community. Invite people to become friends.
4. Help others

Your social networking profile should be used to help your potential customers. It suggests Interesting web sites, as well as articles and information that add value. Linkedin, for example, has an area where you can answer questions from other users or suggest questions to be answered by the expert community. Add value to the online community. Comment frequently on popular blogs and within social networks.
5. Drive traffic to your website

Create inbound links to your main website. But before you carefully read the rules of each network, some have certain restrictions, and if incumples could be blocked by spam.
6. Promote your products and services to a captive audience

Your social network account will keep your contacts, followers or fans; but not all of them will be interested in your product or service. Over time, you must identify a subset of users who have similar goals and interests. In this subgroup you send your advertising messages, promotions and offers.

Before closing, remember that there is about creating profiles on social networks discretion, only to get presence. All your development in the field of social media should follow a strategic marketing plan, which sets the direction for your actions. Without a strategy, it will be difficult that social networks do something for your business.

How To Develop A Social Media Campaign

Smartphones, social networks

Starting a social media campaign is an excellent way to reach your customers in a new way. He thinks that people spend a lot of time on social networks, whether for entertainment, to keep up with the latest news and to keep in touch with friends and family. A large virtual space that you can use to gain exposure and expand your customer base:
1. Set goals for your campaign

Not all your goals are measurable, but at least it is a be. If you know measure success will be easier to understand what you’re trying to achieve. For example, a goal may be to reach a certain number of Twitter followers on a specific date.
2. Determine the best social networks to reach your audience

Some companies have a lot of customers on Twitter, others on Facebook. A business or company does not have to be in all social networks, only those that allow you to reach your target audience, which is already determined in its business plan and marketing. There are even businesses that do not need to be in social networks.
3. Develop a social media strategy for your brand

This strategy will give you some general guidelines to manage in social networks. For example, you must decide whether comments will be pre-approved, or if everyone is free to comment. You should also have a policy responses, which will conform to the general policies of the company or business.
4. Respond to customers when they comment publications

Your customers will feel slighted if you do not respond when you mention these or consult something. It is important to respond to comments quickly and correctly. The longer expect customers will have the answer less important, except in the case of information required to be consulted on several levels of the company.
5. Program how often post content in social networks

The content you post must be relevant to your brand, in order to spread their message. Social networks are moving quickly, so that updates must be frequent in order to maintain customer interest.
6. Send content that is fun and engaging

A people like to look at pictures, watch videos and interactive polls do not read a long block content. In order to keep customers interested, you must publish content that will keep them talking and wanting to come back for more.

Ideas For Your Marketing Activities In Social Networks

Marketing, social networks, twitter

When you start marketing a product or service, social media can help reach a wide network of people simultaneously. Therefore, many companies use social networks in their communication and marketing strategies with their customers, they are a platform for dealing with complaints, launch promotions, win new customers and retain existing ones. Here are some ideas how you can leverage social media for successful marketing of your business:
Adds value to content

Instead of just promoting your business or service to friends and followers, your site should become a place where valuable information for your audience share. For example, when you find an interesting article and would be relevant to your customers, share the link with a comment to invite action. Participate in discussions and offer advice. If you have a blog, write a post that is designed to help your customers get the maximum use of your products or services. By providing valuable, intelligent content, you can position yourself as an expert and retain your customers.
Make offers and discounts

To reward your friends and followers – and to attract more people to your accounts on social-networking offers special discounts. You can offer people a special discount rate if they are followers of your social networks, or invite all their fans to a special sale. These promotions will generate interaction with your social media followers, and add more value.
Increase your range of followers

The power of social media marketing is the ability to reach a huge audience in a casual atmosphere. To increase the number of people receiving your messages, you need to start a campaign to get more followers. Like any business, beginning with the “hot market”, ie family, co-workers, nearby customers, and then request that they they spread the word to their contact lists. Although not all the guests manage to register, the combined power and range of multiple networks can be significant.
It provides good customer service

The use of social networking is a two way street: it can reinforce the positive image of a company, or conversely, may damage the image severely. In general, the latter is due to a poor customer, errors caused by community manager or poor communication policy of the company. To avoid this, try to assign the appropriate personnel to monitor the messages on Facebook and Twitter. When they reach the negative messages, these should be resolved quickly, without directly answering personal attacks. Try to be quick, attentive and helpful.

How to Achieve a Successful Online Marketing Without Using Internet

successful online marketing, tablet, social networks, online marketing unused internet¿Un internet? It sounds contradictory, even paradoxical, but as you will see in the article, not all of our online marketing activities must be developed from a smartphone or at a PC. While online practices such as tweets, emails, webinars-, are an essential part of the marketing, we can combine with other activities that do not require to be connected from us, that is in an offline mode.

But what kind of practices or strategies you ask? Well, you see you’ve already met with some of them, such as promoting your website address on a billboard, or use a custom hasthag for a television commercial. Both cases are carrying traffic to the web site or network socian, but without using internet. Of course the success of these practices is to send messages to a target that is web user. Apart from these examples, the following creative ideas can help your online marketing from an offline mode:
1. Interact in issuing a paper

The presentations are an opportunity to address a selected target audience and merge offline with our online marketing practices.

– When you have an issue or question directed, asks participants to answer from their smartphones in the fanpage of the company (for which they must be fans) or using a hashtag. Then these responses are displayed through a projector. Not only will generate followers on your social networks, but do your presentation more dynamic.

– Instead of spending the classic roles of questions, you can encourage follow on Facebook or Google+ for participants ask your question of these social networks and you can read it without raising his voice.

– Encourage participants to subscribe to your email newsletter. In return you can provide a summary of the talk or slides shown. You can go further and offer additional material, such as an ebook. This announcement should do in the middle of the conversation, or to resume it after the coffee break, because hours later the participants could forget subscription perform this action.

– At the end of the talk, you can drop a question on your fanpage that says “Have you found a useful discussion today?”. Participants may respond with like or comments.

These practices must be followed by you or another member of the company, every time they participate in a seminar, conference or convention.
2. Share contents of the offline world

The online audience of a company loves to learn more about its inner workings, which in terms of television or film known as behind the scenes.

What actions should be shared offline world? Because from time to relax, to routine activities or important internal events. For example you can show some moments of leisure or jokes that occur among workers, sessions of new product development or a few words of CEO. A case study: In the following video you can see how the Ipsos polling staff did a ‘Harlem Shake’ -in a moment of Relax- and shared in your YouTube channel and social networking.

If you post pictures, you can take pictures of employees performing its functions or funny situations, and hang them on Facebook and Instagram, to finally suggest users to put a title to the image.

Either you go to the extreme of sharing images just joking. Sopésalo always a video (or photo number) of any director or manager of new product development, where a brief explanation of its benefits is given.

What is all this ?. Remember that consumers love to feel connected with the real people behind a business. It also creates credibility and trust, as users will know the people who make the company you keep.
3. Spread a sheet of instructions

Every time someone in your company interacts with a customer in person or offline- -in the real world, you must give an instruction sheet that encourages the customer to visit your page, follow on social networks or subscribe to your email newsletter . In the instruction sheet you must place the benefits of performing these actions, special offers, coupons, discounts.

This call to action is necessary, because it is very difficult for customers to perform this action on its own, as they are less likely to send a positive opinion. So we must ask them to give favorable testimony or something as simple as giving ‘Like’ our Facebook fanpage.

These three are just a few ideas suggested. On the way you discover your own. Remember that mix online and offline activities will produce better results. As you may have noticed, this is to take advantage of real-world interactions to direct them to your digital platforms where you develop your online marketing strategies.

If you have your own offline practices, or are you one occurs, you can share in our comments section.

15 Tips for Buying a Successful Franchised

If you want to have a business, but not necessarily starting from scratch, purchasing a franchise can be an interesting option to consider. A franchise will allow you to get a business model that has worked elsewhere and that comes with the operating and manuals for operation. The chances of success with this type of business are higher (but not 100% guaranteed), but their costs are too. Remember that you must pay franchise fees, pay royalties for some time, in addition to other expenses of any business.

Before buying a franchise, there are 4 items you will need:

– Money to invest in the purchase and commissioning of the franchise

– One accounting advisor

– 1 legal advisor

– 1 general manager

Now yes, we go with the tips:

1. Identify your skills and interests Are related to the franchise?

If you have experience in any field, you can search a franchise related to the field. Not all franchises are fast food chains. There from gas stations to educational institutions, through television programs.

2. Considers that still have a boss

Although it will be business owners, franchises have strict rules and regulations you must meet.

3. Determine the amount of money you should invest in the purchase of the franchise

Some franchises may be out of reach because of their cost of purchase rights. For example it is estimated that buying a McDonalds costs about a million dollars just right.

4. Choose a franchise that offers advice

Brand value is important, but you should also consider consulting, training and support offered by the franchise, especially for difficult times. To ensure that this support will be real, you can ask other franchisees.

5. Find out about the success of the franchise

A franchise should be a durable business, not just a fad. There are many franchises that spread quickly but did not survive the change in the market.

6. Evaluate the financial model of the franchise

Do not trust the numbers that the franchisor gives you. Make your own detailed analysis of sales, cost of sales, general expenses and property and franchise rights. Determine how much to invest and how much you’re going to take home at the end of the day. Check out the royalties, which vary between 3 and 10 percent of gross income. If necessary, hire an accountant or financial adviser to help you in this task.

7. Ask what the expectations of the company

Some franchises require quick success translated into specific sales figures, while others give a greater margin of time to grow.

8. Hire a franchise attorney

The lawyer will help you review the documents and negotiate an agreement with the franchisor. If the lawyer is an expert in franchising, you can ask if you have never heard anything negative business model you plan to buy.

9. Notes franchise reports

In this you can also help the lawyer. Search all the documentation to understand the real situation of the franchise. Detects whether litigation or legal problems with franchisees in other areas. These may be warning signs.

10. Put your financial affairs in order

Franchise owners also will be watching your financial status, to know whether you can meet the commitments.

11. Talk to other franchise owners

Locate franchisees have decided to end the contract with your chosen brand, and ask them about their reasons for leaving the business, or they did wrong in the way. Also, contact with employers who maintain the contract with the franchise.

12. Find out about supplies and equipment you will need

Some franchises require you to buy almost all the equipment, while others offer these items within the overall payment. Make sure the rates will be reasonable and competitive.

13. Question coverage from duty

Some franchises include training and marketing assistance payment to purchase rights, while others require an extra charge for these services, to be honest, they are necessary because there include successful business model. There is little point buying a successful brand if you do not know how to exploit it.

14. Find out about extra investments

Find out if they need additional capital investments in order to be profitable, or if the costs of implementation are the only major investment.

15. Hire a CEO

Hire a general manager or supervisor of operations with industry experience will help you have a better chance of success. If you have the necessary experience, you could perform the function, but remember that you must spend all day monitoring the performance of the business.